Lisa McFadden has proven to be a creative force, whom upon seeing her student work, French couturier Pierre Cardin described as "[a designer] who knows what she's doing."


Lisa began her career as a self-taught fashion designer in Atlanta, Georgia where she built a private client business while expanding her skills as a wardrobe stylist in the city's film and music industries.  She then earned a BFA in fashion design with top honors and design awards from both Bauder College and The American College for the Applied Arts.  Lisa's natural progression led her to New York where she continued to break ground working as a technical designer and illustrator in some of the city's top companies, such as JCrew and Gap Inc.


Lisa's millinery aspirations started with a small showing of velour and fur felt hand blocked hats.  It went well that LISAMCFADDEN MILLINERY was born.  CRUSH caps soon followed.  One of her most rewarding and memorable experiences was interning as an assistant to fashion icon, Stephen Burrows.  Lisa was asked to design hats for one of his showings. Her exaggerated "CRUSH" hat appeared in Women's Wear Daily paired with a signature Stephen Burrows jersey dress.  Another design highlight was working with her close friend, Myla Churchill, on Ms. Churchill's production of the sizzling jazzical, "Scandalous People".  Lisa garnered rave reviews as costume designer for the musical, set in the roaring 20' of her favorite fashion eras.


Lisa continues to tap into vintage inspiration for her collections while adding contemporary flare.  We would love to see you in LISAMCFADDEN MILLINERY.


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