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Milliner Lisa McFadden had the opportunity to discuss her background as a fashion designer, milliner and her mask making journey with Susan Van Brackle of Fleek Digital Magazine.  Listen to the interview about her COVID-19 mask making journey from Healthcare Responders to High Art.

NY Textile Month at the Garment District Arts Alliance the Milliners Guild, NYC, 2019

Window collaboration with Savel  Fabrics located in the lobby of the

 Design and Decorators Building, NYC

Red fascinator in  American Airlines

 Magazine, Celebrated  Living Platinum

NY Textile Month at B&J Fabrics with the Milliners Guild, NYC, 2018

Hat: Golden Child at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Mezzanine Gallery showing with the Milliners Guild.


Lisa McFadden above wearing a denim blue hat from her LM Crush collection (Photo Credit: Sistarazzi for Steed Media Service)  Rolling Out magazine 

Welcome to the first edition of On Fleek Digital
Magazine The maiden issue celebrates FASHION AROUND THE GLOBE



LISAMCFADDEN on TLC's CAKE BOSS, Season 7 with Milliners Guild episode:

"Hats Hamantaschen & Head Baker"

ny easter parade 2015     nytimes photographer     fred conrad





Scandalous People

By Erik Haagensen | Posted Aug. 24, 2009, 3:11 p.m

Photo Source: Dixie Sheridan

Presented by MyChurch Productions as part of the

New York International Fringe Festival 

by Kristin Salak

Fredi Walker-Browne's crisp direction keeps the antics bubbling,

as does Obediah Wright's period choreography; especially routines

for the beautiful line of chorines known as the Do Dropettes.

Lisa McFadden's excellent costumes add to the character-driven authenticity.



Theatre Review by Matthew Murray

Topping the 21-person cast is a roaring nine-piece band (under Tommy James’s sinewy musical direction) blasting out the brass-and-sax-heavy score with irrepressible supper-club abandon. The costumes (by Lisa McFadden) are wonderfully rich, counting crisp evening wear for the headliners and flowing strings of barely connected sequins for the chorines.